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Beautiful bullets


"During WW1 and WW2 soldiers would carve bullet casings and decorate them in between battles in the trenches. Some were detailed with etchings by something sharp they had available or a carving of the Virgin Mary or Jesus would be inserted into their personal Bullet Srt. Messages would be placed inside them at times and then sent back home to a loved one. Their women would take these bullets and make them into necklaces to wear keeping them close to their heart. Called back then "Pocket Shrines" , created in the angst of war became a "a Good Luck Charm." Reading this I knew exactly what to do, to keep the story alive. In reflection to think of these men during this time escaping into the act of creativity takes my breath away. Filled with hope and love in the worst conditions, this is the human spirit at its finest." - Jan Ketza


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